Patient Partnership Program

Thank you for your interest in shaping how Grand Itasca provides care. We recognize the opportunity for quality improvement on the services we provide, and appreciate your willingness to share feedback about
your experiences. The Quality Department at Grand Itasca offers a patient partnership program called Include Always. In partnership with Minnesota Hospital Association’s Include Always program, participants help shape how Grand Itasca provides care. Patients and families can participate in Include Always, which will meet ongoing every quarter to develop topics for Be Heard groups, or participate in Be Heard which will meet about specific patient-centered topics in partnership with Grand Itasca staff members. To be considered for our patient partnership program, simply complete the Advisory Group Application at the link below.

Application Form

Questions & Answers

  • How can I participate?
    • Include Always committee: quarterly meetings to develop topics for advisory groups.
    • Be Heard advisory groups: ongoing meetings to discuss patient-centered topics.
    • Visit shadowing: a member of the Quality team shadows you throughout your clinic or hospital visit.
  • What's "in it for me" to participate?
    • This is an opportunity to have direct input in Grand Itasca services and care delivery as well as share ideas for improvements.
  • Who makes a good Be Heard advisor or Include Always committee member?
    • A good committee member or advisor will possess these abilities and skills:
      1. Listens to differing opinions and shares different points of view.
      2. Displays a positive and supportive attitude towards the improvement of Grand Itasca.
      3. Shares information and insight from their experiences.
      4. Sees beyond their own personal experiences.
      5. Collaborates with diverse individuals in a group setting.
      6. Shows concern for more than one issue or agenda.
      7. Respects the perspectives of others.
      8. Speaks honestly and comfortably in a group.
      9. Works well in close partnership with others.
      10. Maintains confidentiality.
  • What is the Be Heard advisor or Include Always committee time commitment?
    • For Be Heard, there is not a specific time commitment. Because of the different ways that advisors can provide input, ranging from topic-specific feedback to weekly meetings, the time commitment will vary. Any in-person meetings will be scheduled according to advisor availability.
    • For Include Always, you are asked to participate in a committee meeting four times annually.
  • How will I be contacted?
    • You may be contacted by your preferred method, either phone or email.
  • Will refreshments or meals be provided?
    • Refreshments, snacks or a light meal will be provided for in-person meetings.
  • How do I end my advisor commitment?
    • Since the advisor role is completely voluntary, you may end your commitment at any time by contacting one of the members of the Quality Team at Grand Itasca.

Have further questions about include Always or Be Heard? Contact our Patient Experience Coordinator at or 218-360-4212.