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Grand Itasca Clinic & Hospital proudly serves Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas.
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Grand Itasca’s team of providers offers expert care in several medical specialties.

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Suzanne Aldrich, NP
Specialty: Rapid Clinic

Masters Degree:Metropolitan State University

Rachel Aunan, PTA
Specialty: Physical Therapy

Associate Degree:Anoka Technical College

Jake Baldwin, PharmD
Specialty: Pharmacy

Doctorate Degree:North Dakota State University

Heidi Belanger, DPT
Specialty: Physical Therapy

Master of Physical Therapy:University of St. Catherines
Doctor of Physical Therapy:Universit of St. Catherines

Tammy Berg, PA-C
Specialty: Rapid Clinic

Bachelors Degree:Concordia College
Masters Degree:University of North Dakota

Derek Beyer, MD
Specialty: Obstetrics and Gynecology

Bachelor Degree:Winona State University
Medical Degree:University of Minnesota
Residency:Mayo Graduate School of Medicine

Marit Bjordal, PharmD
Specialty: Pharmacy

Bachelors Degree:St. Kate's University
Doctorate Degree:University of Minnesota

Liana Braun, DPT
Specialty: Physical Therapy

Bachelors Degree:College of St. Scholastica
Doctorate Degree:College of St. Scholastica