Multimedia Center

Doc Talk: Preventive Health Care

Host: Dr. Toni Youngdahl

Doc Talk: Holiday Eating & Weight Loss

Host: Dr. Tim Pehl

Doc Talk: Illness Self Care & How to Stay Out of the Doctor's Office

Host: Dr. Philip Imholte

Doc Talk: Healthy Hearts

Host: Dr. Jeremy Carlson

Doc Talk: Keeping Your Shoulders Healthy

Host: Dr. Troy Erickson

Doc Talk: Aging Gracefully

Host: Brent Schotl, Medical School Student

Doc Talk: Caring for Your Wounds

Host: Rose Villeneuve, GNP

Doc Talk: Hip & Knee Joint Replacement

Host: Dr. Kurt Possai

Doc Talk: Insect-Borne Illnesses

Host: Dr. Stacy Holl

Doc Talk: Immunization

Host: Dr. Keith Murphy

Doc Talk: Prescription Drug Abuse

Host: Dr. Jeremy Carlson

Doc Talk: Venous Disease

Host: Dr. Bill Johnson

Doc Talk: Urology 101

Host: Dr. Ryan Novak

Doc Talk: Menopause

Host: Dr. Derek Beyer

Doc Talk: Alzheimer's Disease & Caregiver Fatigue

Host: Kelly McKinnon & Carter Rohling, RPAP Medical Students

Doc Talk: Colon Cancer

Host: Dr. Lisa Owens

Doc Talk: Neck and Back Pain

Host: Dr. Christopher Reilly

Doc Talk: Women's Health

Host: Dr. Kevin Gildner

Doc Talk: Let's Get Chiro-practical!

Host: Dr. Linnea Soular

Doc Talk: The Ins & Outs of Heart Failure

Host: Dr. Kristina Conner

Doc Talk: Food is Medicine

Host: Dr. Philip Imholte

Doc Talk: Chronic Disease and Its Ties to Depression

Host: Dr. Patty Carlin-Janssen

Doc Talk: Breast Cancer

Host: Dr. Lisa Owens

Doc Talk: GERD

Host: Dr. Shawn Olson

Doc Talk: Pelvic Floor Disorders

Host: Dr. Katy Johnson

Doc Talk: Discovering and Fighting Pain

Host: Dr. Chris Reilly

Doc Talk: Preventive Care Recommendations

Host: Jordyn Walter

Doc Talk: Surviving Cancer

Host: Shannon Petroske, NP

Doc Talk: Diabetes Prevention and Management

Host: Michelle Overbye, NP

Doc Talk: Best Use of the Emergency Department and Rapid Clinic

Host: Dr. Tim Pehl