Grand Eatery

Grand EateryGrand Itasca has one of the most picturesque views for dining in the entire Grand Rapids Area. Whether you are looking through the two floor-to-ceiling glass walls in the Grand Eatery Dining Room or eating on the patio during the warm summer months, you are sure to feel a special connection to nature.

Room Service

Patients at Grand Itasca order their meals from a restaurant-style menu. Meals are served within 40 minutes from the time they place their order. If a patient is unable to place their own order, nursing staff are there to assist with making food choices. Family members can also order for the patient or themselves.

Take Out Meals

If you are visiting a patient, coming for an appointment, or working late, give us a call and order a meal to go. The food is not only tasty, but nutritious.

For those of you watching your waistline, let our menu coordinator guide you through the meal selection so that you meet your daily carbohydrate limits or calorie counts.

Sugar Sweetened Beverage Policy

In March 2013, Grand Itasca Clinic & Hospital removed sugared beverages - including regular soda, sports drinks, energy drinks, juices and teas - from our cafeteria, vending machines and patient meals. Our patients can feel confident that we will stay true to our mission of patient-centered excellence by providing healthy options and doing our part to make the healthy choice the easy choice in our facility.