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Grand Itasca Clinic & Hospital proudly serves Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas.
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Shawn Olson, MD
Specialty: General Surgery

Gender: Male

Language: English

Grand Itasca Start Date:
August 2017



Bachelor Degree: University of Minnesota Morris, 2008
Medical Degree: University of Minnesota, 2012
Residency, General Surgery: University of North Dakota, 2017

Professional Interests:
Minimally invasive surgeries
Advanced laparoscopic surgeries
Carpal tunnel surgery
Skin cancer/skin lesions

Personal Interests:

Why I decided to practice medicine?:
Growing up I experienced first hand the importance of staying up to date and proficient in medicine. My experience has encouraged me to always stay up on the latest practice skills.

Favorite health tip:
Regardless of what your diet is, you can always use more fiber.

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