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Grand Itasca Clinic & Hospital proudly serves Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas.
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Linnea Soular, DC
Specialty: Chiropractic

Gender: Female

Language: English

Grand Itasca Start Date:
November 2008

Dresser, WI

Board Certification(s): Webster Certificate, MN Board of Chiropractic



Bachelors Degree: Hamline University, 2000
Doctorate Degree: Northwestern Health Sciences University, 2005
Clinical Internships: Langford Chiropractic, Lynlake Chiropractic and Simply Chiropractic, 2005

Professional Interests:
Facilitate health & well-being for patients
Maternal chiropractic care
Infant & child chiropractic care

Personal Interests:
Being active with family & friends
Watching professional baseball at different parks
Attending musicals
Expanding my faith

Why I decided to practice medicine?:
I experienced first hand as a young athlete the importance chiropractic care plays in injury care, athletic performance, stress reduction and overall well-being.

Favorite health tip:
Movement and exercise IS medicine.

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