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Grand Itasca Clinic & Hospital proudly serves Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas.
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Aislinn Rogalla, DO
Specialty: Family Medicine, Primary Care

Gender: Female

Grand Itasca Start Date:
October 2019

Pine City, MN



Bachelors Degee: Baylor University, 2012
Medical Degree: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, 2016
Residency: East Tennessee State University, 2019

Professional Interests:
Women's Health

Personal Interests:
Listening to music
Watching football & basketball

Why I decided to practice medicine?:
Throughout my childhood, I saw the miracle of health care save my brothers life and I was inspired to be part of that world.

Favorite health tip:
Don't give up on fruits or vegetables if you don't like them the first time. Try different preparation methods. You might just like it after all!

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