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Ryan Novak, MD
Specialty: Urology

Gender: Male

Language: English

Grand Itasca Start Date:
August 2013

Austin, MN

Board Certification(s): Urology



Doctorate of Pharmacy: University of Minnesota, 2004
Medical Degree: University of Minnesota, 2008
Residency: Ohio State University, 2013

Professional Interests:
Kidney stone prevention and treatment
Erectile dysfunction
Urinary incontinence in men and women
Prostate, bladder and kidney cancer
General urology

Personal Interests:
Building fishing rods

Why I decided to practice medicine?:
My initial goal was to enter a career which allowed me to somehow provide net value or benefit for the health of patients. This continues to be the primary goal with my practice today.

Favorite health tip:
My favorite health tip is actually a tip about navigating the health care system. Whenever a patient is seen for a health problem it is important to be clear about his or her goals of therapy.
Sometimes these can be implied and at other times the goals need to be deliberately discussed.

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