Emergency/Intensive Care

An important advancement that significantly adds to the comfort of our patients and families is the location of the Emergency Department (ED) and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) adjacent to each other. Patients often move between the ED and ICU areas. Our innovative design creates an environment and process that is as seamless for patients and their families as possible. By taking advantage of a match in nursing skills and a similarity in equipment, we are able to maximize the efficient use of staff, supplies and equipment – all to the benefit of patient care.

Emergency Department

Skilled in many areas – Our Emergency Department physicians and nurses acquire a broad base of knowledge as well as advanced procedural skills, including surgical skills, trauma care, advanced cardiac support and advanced airway management.

Intensive Care Unit

Our ICU offers care for patients from infancy to adult. A new state-of-the-art central monitoring system allows for the most accurate and efficient management of ICU patient care. Features include:

  • 8 rooms each equipped with a private shower and bathroom.
  • A negative airflow room for patients requiring additional protection from infection.
  • Dedicated waiting and family area.