Prenatal and childbirth care

Pregnancy services

Whether you’re thinking about becoming pregnant, trying to get pregnant or are pregnant, we have all the care you need. From family planning, and fertility issues, to nausea, fatigue and the rollercoaster of emotions and questions that come with pregnancy – our experts will be with you every step of the way.

Our team of trusted providers is here to help you and your baby. We’ll put you at ease and provide you with expert care that’s based on years of experience in welcoming babies. Our obstetrical providers include:

You’re pregnant! Now what?

Pregnancy Services

Regular prenatal visits are essential to you and your baby’s health. Your first appointment is typically around 8 weeks. Each visit will include a check on your weight and blood pressure. You’ll get to hear your baby’s heart beat each time and ask questions.

A typical prenatal care schedule includes visits:

  • Once a month during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy
  • Twice a month during the 28th through 36th weeks of pregnancy
  • Once a week after 36 weeks

If your provider determines you have a high-risk pregnancy, you have easy access to specialized care through our relationship with University of Minnesota Medical Center’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine Centers.

Helpful information

Looking for information about healthy pregnancy? Below are links to some educational information to help answer some questions about what to expect, when you’re expecting.

Delivering an exceptional birth experience

Pregnancy Services

The caring staff at Grand Itasca proudly delivers about 350 babies every year. Our skill and experience are here to support you from your very first appointment to the day you bring your baby home.

Your and your baby’s health and well-being are our main concerns. Each birth is unique, and you can rest easy knowing that we have the skill and experience to handle delivery situations, from routine to high-risk.

Preparing for labor

We offer classes Prenatal Class to help you prepare for delivery, learn about labor techniques and help with parenting after the baby arrives. Topics covered include pain management, breastfeeding and newborn care.

Patient comfort and safety

Our comfortable, secure labor and delivery suites are outfitted with the latest technology, assuring the best treatment for you and your baby. Our family-centered approach means the baby will room with you and your spouse and family members will be made comfortable as well. You will likely remain in the same, private birthing suite throughout your stay.

Each suite features:

  • Private whirlpool bath
  • Flat screen TV
  • Free WiFi
  • Recliner
  • Transitional lighting
  • Large windows, most with a wooded view

Care before, during and after the birth of your baby

Our nurses and doctors are here to help you throughout your pregnancy and birth experience. We make sure all of our parents receive the care and support they deserve as they welcome a new member to their family. The safety and health of mothers and babies is our top priority.

By choosing Grand Itasca for your birth, you’ll have:

  • Peace of mind, knowing we have the skills and experience to help you welcome your new addition, from uncomplicated labors to high-risk deliveries
  • Birthing and breastfeeding classes to help you prepare for delivery and everything after
  • Large, comfortable birthing suites rooms outfitted with the latest technology and private bathrooms with soaking tubs; families stay in same suite after the birth of the baby too!
  • Certified lactation consultants to help you with breastfeeding in the hospital and after you’ve gone home. Nurses are available to answer questions and help you with one-on-one assistance.
  • A variety of options for pain relief during delivery


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