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Oliver, Evelyn, and Myla Take the Lead as Top Baby Names of 2023 at Grand Itasca

Oh, baby! We are thrilled to share the heartwarming news that our Women's Health & Birth Center welcomed 377 bundles of joy in 2023.

  • January 04, 2024
  • By Staff Writer

Top Baby Names of 2023: Oliver, Evelyn, and Myla Steal the Spotlight

Oliver has claimed the crown for the top boy's name for two years in a row, while Evelyn and Myla tied for the top choice for girls. Following closely, we had a fourteen-way tie for second among boys and a two-way tie for second among girls. 


The Breakdown of Baby Names


Top Baby Boy Names

  • Oliver (5)
  • *Carter (3)
  • Clay (3)
  • Elijah (3)
  • Hudson (3)
  • Kohen (3)
  • Leo (3)
  • *Louis (3)
  • Noah (3)
  • *Odin (3)
  • Rowan (3)
  • Silas (3)
  • Theodore (Theo) (3)
  • Wesley (3)
  • Zayden (3)

Top Baby Girl Names

  • *Evelyn (5)
  • *Myla (5)
  • *Isabella (4)
  • *Lainey (4)
  • *Camryn (3)
  • Harper (3)
  • *Kinzlee (3)
  • *Maisie (3)
  • Willow (3)

(* Symbolizes the name had a different spelling)

A Glance at the Numbers

Oliver stands as the sole name to maintain its position from last year. Myla and Evelyn, each with five adorable babies, claim the top spot. Isabella and Lainey tied for second place for girls' names, while Camryn, Harper, Kinzlee, Maisie, and Willow tied for third place.


Our sister hospital, Fairview Range, had similar baby names. Mila (Myla) was their top girl's name, and Theodore was their top baby boy’s name. Read more about Fairview Range's top baby names on their blog


Welcoming Your Little One at Grand Itasca

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Thank you for letting Grand Itasca be a part of your beautiful journey into parenthood. We can't wait to meet more little ones in the coming year!

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