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Super One's Super Impact: $5,490 Raised for Grand Itasca Foundation Patient Crisis Fund!

Over the past couple of weeks, Super One shoppers have come together to make a substantial difference in the lives of those facing health care challenges. The community generously contributed an incredible sum of over $5,400 to the Grand Itasca Foundation's Patient Crisis Fund. This outpouring of kindness is more than just a figure; it represents countless stories of hope and resilience. Learn how these funds will make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need by exploring the details in our most recent blog post.
  • December 14, 2023
  • By Staff Writer

The Power of Community in Action

In a remarkable display of community support, Super One shoppers came together from November 10-27 to round up their purchases to the nearest dollar in support of Grand Itasca Foundation’s Patient Crisis Fund. This new fund allows Grand Itasca social workers to provide extra support to patients facing challenges in their health care journeys.

The results were phenomenal; $5,490.60 has been contributed to the Patient Crisis Fund. Brianne Wagner, Director of the Grand Itasca Foundation, exclaims, “The support we received was incredible! Witnessing the community come together to raise money for this cause was so heartwarming.”

The collaboration of four Super One locations—Grand Rapids Super One North, Grand Rapids Super One South, Grand Rapids Super One Liquor, and the Deer River Super One—made this initiative possible, showcasing the power of community-driven efforts.

Defining the Impactful Reach of the Patient Crisis Fund

The Patient Crisis Fund is an innovative program committed to providing crucial support for patients navigating added challenges in their health care journeys. Established in partnership with Grand Itasca’s social workers, the fund serves as a resource for patients needing a little extra help with gas gift cards or other costs associated with getting to and from medical appointments, copays for costly prescription drugs, durable medical equipment, and supplies to meet basic needs such as clothing and food.

The concept for this fund materialized earlier in the year when social worker Darci Jackson identified a crucial need, especially in addressing discharge requirements during inpatient hospitalizations or in the Emergency Department. Jackson details, “Our goal was to extend assistance, including providing gas cards for patients and families who needed extra support. We’ve encountered situations where parents had to travel to Duluth or other cities for specialized care for their babies but lacked immediate funds for gas.” This scenario offers just a glimpse into the transformative impact the fund can provide for families. Jackson further emphasizes, "We've accomplished many incredible initiatives with our funds already, and we are committed to sustaining this positive impact in the future."

Social workers can utilize the funds for various patient needs with the primary goal of preventing and reducing hospital admissions or readmissions.

Grand Itasca Foundation board members Katie Troumbly, RN and Rose Villeneuve, NP, stand proud with Bri Wagner, Grand Itasca Foundation Director, and our Super One allies, presenting a giant check for the Patient Crisis Fund.

Community Partnership Drives Success

The collective impact achieved over the past couple of weeks through Super One's community-driven initiative has been nothing short of inspiring. The generous contributions from Super One shoppers, in collaboration with the partnership of Grand Rapids Super One North, Grand Rapids Super One South, Grand Rapids Super One Liquor, and the Deer River Super One, resulted in an impressive $5,490.60 raised for Grand Itasca Foundation’s Patient Crisis Fund.

This outpouring of support reinforces the power of community in action and reflects a shared commitment to enhancing the lives of those facing health care challenges. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who contributed during the round up effort. If you still wish to support the Patient Crisis Fund you can donate online anytime, Together, we are making a tangible and positive impact on the journey to better health for our community.